House rules

On the 1st day of the agreed rental period, the holiday house is from 15:00 at your disposal.
On departure day you have to leave at the latest at 10:00 AM.
At a later departure we will charge you extra fees.
These consist at least of the costs for expedited cleaning and all – by us to be determined – other costs arising from the untimely exit from the holiday house.

Depending on availability, an early check-in and/or late check-out are possible.
Fees may be applicable and please contact us.

Goods that are found after your departure, we keep three months and can be readjusted at the request and at your expense.
The holiday should be used properly, carefully and in accordance with the residential/recreational use.
Using the house for other purposes such as commercial photo and/or video recordings, festivals, parties, any other business uses and the like is not permitted without our written permission.
By using the holiday house it may not damage faster than by the normal careful use.

This includes emphasizing:

  • Not placing fasteners (screws, nails, tape, adhesive strips and the like) or in walls, ceilings and doors;
  • Mandatory use of heat-resistant cases (coasters, grids and the like) on kitchen counters, tables and the like.

Barbecuing is permitted as a BBQ belongs to the inventory of the property.
Moving a gas BBQ is not allowed.
On departure the BBQ  should be left clean at default which we charge you € 50.00.
No smoking in the holiday house, in the immediate vicinity of the pool and under/near palapas (a roof of dried palms)
On outdoor terraces smoking is allowed.
In a possible loss of a remote access control unit, we charge you € 100.00.
Pets are permitted as long as agreed in advance. Please contact us.
You may not rent the house to a third party

Stay of more persons in the holiday house than on the reservation agreed c.q. than the maximum number, it is expressly forbidden and will result in the early termination of the rental agreement on our part, without refund of rent.
Moving furniture such as beds, wardrobes, sofas and the like and sound and/or television equipment or taking out any part of the internal inventory – excluding crockery, glasses, cutlery and similar for your meals outside – is not allowed.
Parking should as far as possible to be done on site. If still parked outside you have to avoid any parking problems for other road users.
Access to technical areas such as meter boxes, pool cleaning equipment, materials and tools areas is prohibited.
The night’s rest must be respected and in any way cause (noise)nuisance is not allowed.
When leaving the house should – interim and on departure – the doors and windows must be closed carefully. Ventilation position is allowed.

At/before departure:

  • Do the dishes c.q. dishwasher empty and clean;
  • Sheets of the bed (please put in the bathroom);
  • Emptying trash cans;
  • Garden furniture (lounge set) under the covered terrace (the pillows inside);
  • Home wipe leave;
  • Remove food and other perishable items from the refrigerator/freezer and other castes;
  • Report any broken work or damage.

If the tenant, his family, his guests or his authorized visitor(s) the obligations underthese rules of conduct, the instructions of the landlord or his deputy or government regulations, despite any notice, not or does not comply properly, and to such an extent it can not be required by the standards of reasonableness and fairness of the landlord that the rental is continued, the landlord or the observer appointed by him has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and refuse the tenant and other tenants access to the property without refund of rental fees.

For damage caused by you and is not the result of normal use or wear, we bring you the repair or replacement costs.
The tenant is liable for all loss and/or damage to the holiday house, the garden and the device (inside and outside), and/or property from the holiday house, as this is the result of acts or omissions by you or third parties standing with your permission in and around the holiday house.

Landlord accepts no liability for:

  • Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or following your stay at the cottage;
  • The failure or inoperability of technical equipment and utilities or facilities of the house;
  • Disaster, in whatever form that might requires agreeable stay.

If the rental agreement is formed (this is the case as soon as your booking is confirmed), you agree to these terms of use. The rental is terminated automatically after expiry of the agreed period.
Possibly to charge fees are settled as far as possible from the deposit.

Owner will always act fairly and expects the same attitude from the tenant (s).